At RHINO FLOOR INC. we PROVIDE with the best quality and professional work for you. We treat every project with a special care, and we work with the best price range for you. The most important thing for our company is to satisfy our customers . We have experience in retail . Rhino Floor Inc. have provided work for A&P Supermarket, Waldbaums Supermarket, Shoprite Supermarket, Weis Supermarket, Pathmark Supermarket, Hospitals and other Institutes.
RHINO FLOOR INC. is determine to help you with your project . GOD BLESS THE WORLD .

Rhino Floor Inc. will make sure you get the best quality preparation sub floor. All floors will be tested properly to make sure the money you spend on your finish floors will last for a long time. From hand Scrapping, hand patching to self leveling your floors.
Flash Coving
An extension of the sheet flooring up the wall a few inches to form a wall base integral with the flooring.
Rhino Floor Inc. specializes in custom carpet and flooring for projects of any size, from a closet room to an entire store. We remove your old padding, carpet, tile, wall base and any type of floor covering .
Our goal is to make sure you have the perfect flooring in your Business, Institute, Facility, Home or Location, including carpet, linoleum, tile and much more. Now you can enjoy The Best experience, respect and professionalism of a company that delivers, Rhino Floor Inc.
Rhino Floor Inc. Installs all types of vinyl planks, vinyl tile, wall to wall linoleum, flash coving linoleum, heat welding seams, cove base, etc.